cascade first harvest 2014

Letterpress invites on beer coaster stock for the 2014 Cascade First Harvest limited release ale.

Cascade First Harvest 2014 Limited Release is the much anticipated result of the first day’s brew at the iconic Cascade Brewery, the first beer of its kind in Australia to use wet green hops to deliver a fresh, vibrant and flavour packed ale.

This year’s hops are named after the significant roads that lead from the Derwent Valley in Tasmania to the brewery; Argyle for flavour, Macquarie for bitterness and Brooker for aroma and will be released as a limited edition of 5000 cases in May, with a select number of pubs in Tasmanian, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia to sell the beer on tap.

For the launch invitations we chose coaster board stock for it’s authentic, heritage feel and subtle surface texture that gives a moderate letterpress impression.

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